Since 1993, Snowmobiler Television has been bringing you everything that’s important in the world of sledding. It doesn’t matter where, or what you ride. We have stories, information and product reviews that will make you a more knowledgeable, enthusiastic and prepared rider.


STV crews have traveled just about everywhere on earth that welcomes snowmobilers to bring you stories that feed your love of the sport. You’ll see lifestyle features, travel destinations; you’ll get insights on the latest technological innovations and which ones will make a difference to you.


Starting this year, your guide will be a familiar face in a new role. Phil Molto has stepped up as the on-camera host of STV. If you’re already a fan of the show, you’ll already know Phil as one of our most consistent and knowledgeable contributors. Phil’s 40-year-plus love affair with snowmobiling is the reason that he has seen and done just everything the sport has to offer. And if he hasn’t done it, he’s game to give it a try! Phil’s comfortable reporting from flatland trails, deep mountain powder, oval race tracks and local events.


On every show, Phil reaches out to experts in every aspect of snowmobiling to bring you the info that you want to know. He’s joined by our staff of experts who review and comment on sled tech, the new releases, and parts and accessories.


Make Snowmobiler TV part of your weekly ride prep, because we love the sport as much as you do.


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Snowmobiler TV 2016 Episodes

Welcome to the 2016 season of Snowmobiler TV. Throughout this season our crews will be travelling coast to coast to cover all aspects of snowmobiling. Join us each week for STV.
Phil Molto is returning as the on-camera host for Season 18 of Snowmobiler Television. If you’re a regular viewer of the show, you know that Phil has been a contributor on every aspect of snowmobiling for many years. He's travelling across Canada to bring you the latest news, reviews on sleds and gear, and reports from major events. You'll also get the best insight and advice from our team of experienced test riders.

The new season is underway!

Newfoundland Superstation
Starting January 9th
Saturday 2:00 pm
Thunder Bay
Starting January 2nd
Saturday 8:30 am
Sudbury, Timmins,
North Bay &
Sault St. Marie
Starting January 25th
Sunday 6:30 pm
CKPG Prince George BC
Starting January 3rd
Sunday 8:30 and 11:30 am

Wild TV
Starting December 28th
Monday 12 noon
Tuesday 6:30 pm
Thursday 1:00 am
Saturday 4:30 am
Sunday 6:00 pm
All times Eastern





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