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STV 2018 - S20E13
STV 2018 - S20E13
Ever wonder what to do for a long weekend in the winter? On this weeks episode of Snowmobiler TV, we head up to North Eastern Ontario for a 3 day long weekend ride!
STV 2018 - S20E12
STV 2018 - S20E12
On this round of STV. We are at ice driving in Quebec to not only learn a little about winter tires for our tow vehicles but maybe, just maybe go for lap in a different kind of snowmobile.
STV 2018 - S20E11
STV 2018 - S20E11
This time on Snowmobiler TV, we are in Quebec riding from Val-d'Or to Pourvoirie Balbuzard Sauvage and even get the chance to go out into the deep stuff for the day, plus we have a look at Yamaha’s 2019 lineup.
STV 2018 - S20E10
STV 2018 - S20E10
On this episode, we’re headed to Wawa with the winners of the Polaris Command Your Ride Sweepstakes. We also eat a king size burger at Half Way Haven and go boondocking with the guys over at Top Secert Boondocking.
STV 2018 - S20E09
STV 2018 - S20E09
On this weeks show the Dragon is in the shop getting its rear suspension swap finished and up for First Burn is the Polaris Indy 600 SP! But first we take a look into Polaris’s new EVO snowmobile……
STV 2018 - S20E08
STV 2018 - S20E08
On STV the Skidoo MXZ 850 XRS is on deck for the First Burn, we also fit our new legend trailer with Superclamps floor system to protect the deck from carbides and studs. We also head to NTN Bearings in our Shop Hustle, but first we start things off with Precision EFI to see how they build big power...
STV 2018 - S20E07
STV 2018 - S20E07
This time on STV, we’ve heard the call… Head west young man, so we’ve made the trip to the Shuswap mountains at the Grizzly Lodge for a couple days of riding in the mountains.
STV 2018 - S20E06
STV 2018 - S20E06
This episode is all about tech… we have an old 40th Apex in the shop getting a new set of Elka shocks, then we take it Accelerated Technologies to nerd out on suspension setups. We also take a look at Camso’s new Storm 150 track, and the Yamaha 50th anniversary Apex is warming up in First Burn.
STV 2018 - S20E05
STV 2018 - S20E05
This time on STV, we are in the Haliburton Forest in central Ontario, for a “little”bit of fun with the guys from the office, the gigantic Polaris Titan is up for First Burn, and we accessories our Yamaha Sidewinder for an upcoming tour.
STV 2018 - S20E04
STV 2018 - S20E04
On this show, Shop Hustle is about needs and wants, old Dragon is getting a new track and the shocks are back from Accelerated Technologies. We also have the Arctic Cat El Tigre up for First Burn, plus we have a look at the 2018 crop of SnoCross race sleds and the teams that race them.
STV 2018 - S20E03
STV 2018 - S20E03
Coming up on this weeks STV, Jeff is rebuilding the Dragons shocks at Accelerated Technologies, Pat walks us through 10 cool things he found at the Toronto International Snowmobile ATV & Powersports Show, plus he has some tips on how to get the kids involved in snocross. In First Burn, Yamaha’s 50th...
STV 2018 - S20E02
STV 2018 - S20E02
On this weeks STV, we look back on a trip we took a year ago to tell you why you should plan a little something extra for your next trip. Polaris’ XCR is up for First Burn, and we take a few minutes to talk about the new CKX Titan helmet. Plus the Dragon is bleeding its heart out in the shop.
STV 2018 - S20E01
STV 2018 - S20E01
Welcome to a brand new STV. For this year we’ve thrown out the old playbook to bring you a whole new show. Coming up this week we ride all the 2018 mountain sleds, Jeff is on the hunt for a used snowmobile and Pat takes a look at the one of the revolutionary sleds in the last 10 years.

STV Features

  • Timken Ultimax Belts Full Feature
  • Travel Guide
  • STV Exclusive: Red Bull Sledhammers
  • STV 2018 - North Eastern Ontario Full Feature
  • STV 2018 - Ford Trucks
  • STV 2018 -  Ice Driving, Ford and Yokohama Tires Full Feature
  • STV 2018 - Abitibi Témiscamingue Full Feature
  • STV 2018 - My Snowmobile Guide
  • STV 2018 - Ride Command in Ontario's Algoma Region Full Feature
  • STV 2018 - Burandt @ Grizzly Lodge

First Burn & Sled Features

  • 2019 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX
  • 2019 Polaris Indy XC 850
  • STV 2018 - Arctic Cat Sneak Peek
  • STV 2018 - Yamaha Sneak Peek
  • STV 2018 - Ski-Doo Sneak Peek
  • STV 2018 - Polaris Evo
  • STV 2018 - 2018 Polaris Indy 600
  • STV 2018 - 2018 Ski-Doo MXZ 850 XRS
  • STV 2018 - Yamaha Apex
  • STV 2018 - 200 Rally

Shop Hustle

  • Clutch Clean
  • Belts Myths with Ulitmax
  • STV 2018 - Bergstrom Skegs
  • STV 2018 - Camso on Dragon
  • STV 2018 - NTN Bearings
  • STV 2018 - 40th Apex Elka Shock Install
  • STV 2018 - 40th Apex Elka Shock Setup and Ride
  • STV 2018 - Yamaha Touring Accessories
  • STV 2018 - Dragon Track Replacement
  • STV 2018 - Dragon Shock Repair

Previous STV Features

  • STV 2016 Snow Bikes
  • STV 2017 Yamaha Vipex
  • STV 2016 Triton Trailers
  • STV 2017 Polaris 800 Switchback PRO-S
  • STV 2016 Ski-Doo Tundra
  • STV 2016 Ski-Doo Renegade Backcountry
  • STV 2016 Arctic Cat ZR RR
  • STV 2016 Arctic Cat ZR Sno Pro
  • STV 2016 Ski-Doo Renegade Enduro
  • STV 2017 Yamaha Sidewinder B‑TX


  • Yamaha Commercial
  • Ultimax Commercial
  • Ford Commercial
  • CKX Commercial
  • On Snow Commercial
  • ATV World Commercial
  • TISAPS Commercial
  • STV Commercial
  • STV 2018  - Yamaha Commercial
  • STV 2018 - Camso Commercial
  • STV 2018 - CKX Commercial
  • STV 2018 - Ford  Commercial
  • STV 2018 - OSM Commercial
  • STV 2018 - STV Commercial